MPS 284 Video Conference Board 
Design: philip

The MPS 284 video conference board has a lot to it. Sophisticated conference technology in Full HD disappears discreetly under the elegant surface. Matching conference tables can be completed quickly and without much installation effort. Thus, conference rooms can be used flexibly.

Simpler is smarter. Conferences should focus on content and conversation partners. Demanding technology should optimally support communication, but should be as invisible as possible. The video conferencing board MPS 284 is an intelligent piece of discreet elegance that blends harmoniously into the interior design. In the inside it hides all the technology and cabling needed for complete picture and sound transmission, which is required for state-of-the-art video conferencing today. Everything is easily accessible, intuitively to operate and the furniture surfaces are individually selectable. If required, the board can be complemented by perfectly coordinated conference furniture. Fittings, conversions or complex assembly work are no longer necessary. Furniture, technology and space form a perfect unity.






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