MIDS 55 Lounge
Manufacturer fröscher
Design philip
Year of introduction 2018

MIDS media steles enable quick and easy positioning of digital content for presentations in conferences and showrooms. Innovative control and information systems can be realized. Whether in conference, lobby, administration, at the POS, as a digital poster, for films, in the sales room: with MIDS, technology becomes design - flexible and unbounded. The unusually slim steles of the MIDS product family provide technology with a base in an excellent and neutral design. The steles reticently integrate into every interior. The perfect finishing quality of high-class materials is a matter of course.

Monitors from any manufacturer can be installed horizontally and vertically in the steles of the MIDS family. The monitors are located behind non-reflecting, coated ESG glass fronts on the back, which only allow the user to see the screens. Thus, the use of monitors from different manufacturers remains a completely neutral appearance. The surrounding steel frame provides sufficient hold. The back wall is removable, providing direct and convenient access to the technical equipment. As an option, the MIDS steles can be equipped with an invisible audio system specially adapted to the steles. MIDS steles offer full technical comfort with the highest quality standards and perfect design.


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