Desktop connector panel TAF
Desktop connector panel TAF with microphone unit, technical lid and compartments
Design: beyerdynamic

Desktop connector panel TAF with microphone unit
As subtle but naturally inspiring, perfect technology should promote the conference and be a positive element for design and architecture. Only when table and technology merge into a single unit, that they can only be recognized by the perfect gap in the table surface, is this goal achieved. The functionality is always in the foreground.

With the Revoluto technology from beyerdynamic, a call station with special performance and additional interfaces 230V, LAN, VGA and a push button for free occupancy is created. The gooseneck microphone in "airspace" is obsolete. This creates new freedom for the speaker without cumbersome positioning of the microphone and without restriction in the movement. Even when the head is turned or when standing, the recording quality is maintained by the unique corridor characteristics of the microphone system. Participants can focus on the presentation and communication. When no technology is needed, it disappears inconspicuously under the table surface. Perfect solutions for perfect communication.

The beyerdynamic version can be lowered into the table from above and can be integrated into any existing table system. This variant comes with a noble Nextel® coating in "dark black", which optically integrates into a wide variety of table surfaces.

Desktop connector panels and compartments
With interfaces for LAN, WAN, ISDN, audio and VGA as well as mains power, desktop connector panels and compartments from philip Möbelmanufaktur not only offer the finest technology, above all the way they are integrated into our furniture is unique.