A new meeting culture at Sparkasse Schwäbisch Hall-Crailsheim

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The conference room in the new Sparkassen building at Haller Solpark convinces the client with "a new meeting culture".  The new building is intended to symbolize the new beginning and the merger of the savings banks in Schwäbisch-Hall and Crailsheim, to create a high degree of transparency in the architecture - and on the other hand to strengthen the cooperation between management and their employees.

Thomas Lützelberger, Chairman of the Management Board of Sparkasse Schwäbisch Hall-Crailsheim, and Mr. Lorenz Kraft, the responsible architect of Kraft + Kraft Architekten, will provide an insight into the joint furnishing concept in a short film.

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On a furnishing journey of the Sparkasse and the architects the last stop was the company Fröscher. Here the Fröscher solutions for media integration should be taken into consideration. When entering the fröscher exhibition forum, the conference system, including seating, was thought to have already been placed with a market companion. Only the tour through the fröscher exhibition created an experience and a view of the possibilities and chances for another new concept.

The planned implementations on the market with screens on the wall or a beamer projection were not convincing. The aim was to inspire people with a bright room and to create better communication.

The client's wishes and accumulated problems were at the forefront of the discussions. These were recorded by fröscher. The worked out suggestion, with the integration of picture and clay/tone into the leg area screen, could convince here. The aim was to achieve efficient meetings with better results.

An expressive 3D visualisation in various colour concepts clarified the concept idea and the perception of the customer's ideas and wishes to our project partners.

The screen on the wall is replaced by flush-mounted screens in the 3D-shaped legroom panels. The contents of the sessions are now visually displayed on screens opposite each other. Recordings are placed in the visual axis of the session participants, thus creating the best conditions for the visibility and tonality of the presentation through the smallest possible viewing and listening distances.  This resulted in a better call quality.

Ceiling beamer and screen are no longer required and the architecture with three glass walls becomes possible. The chairmen were also given a special form of digital recording. Retractable screens at the touch of a button ensure a skilful rounding off of the meeting atmosphere.

A further point of efficiency in this furnishing project was that the loudspeakers built into the legroom panels reduced the complexity of the ceiling construction. The installation of the loudspeakers in the ceiling was thus saved.

The table tops were produced by fröscher using a special powder process. A homogeneous, closed tabletop and a floating tabletop edge as transition to the 3D-shaped legroom panels lend the successful architecture the appropriate character.

The structured lacquered legroom panels were designed in the desired colour concept. Legroom is provided by specially shaped and chrome-plated table legs. At the same time, the table legs serve as holders for the 3D shaped legroom panels.

The final benefit for the Sparkasse was to have the opportunity to obtain "everything from one source", as fröscher was also able to convince with the seating comfort of the designed conference chairs.

We would like to thank Sparkasse Schwäbisch Hall-Crailsheim and Kraft + Kraft Architekten for their professional cooperation and trust.

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