Agile Community

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In order to breathe life into our motto "Freedom for Innovation", we also use our showroom for cross-company conferences. Regular guests are our friends from the agile community. As part of this community, we can experience several times a year how change processes work in different companies, how we learn from each other and how we can adapt functioning methods.
Our meetings take place in Open Space format and the participants choose their favourite places during the sessions. 

In the final round, the participants report which topics were discussed in the sessions and what impressed them most. For us it was again a pleasure to experience how agile organizations develop in other companies and an honour to be able to support this process as a host with our freedom. We are looking forward to the next inspiring date. On 04 June 2019 it is time again. 

Do you have any questions about the free spaces or the agile organization? Willi Münch willi.muench@froescher.com is looking forward to your message.