BMW Research and Development Center Unterschleißheim | media stele: MICO-1
Media stele: MICO-1

BMW trusts fröscher - consulting competence is the deciding factor

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BMW will also be relying on frostier in the future: the company from Steinheim/Murr was able to deliver more than 200 media steles to the new BMW Research and Development Centre for Autonomous Driving in Unterschleißheim near Munich. From BMW's point of view, the two stele families MIDS and MICO-1 not only meet the latest technical standards, but also convince with regard to their flexibility. A major reason for BMW's decision was the innovative consulting by fröscher, which quickly led to a close relationship of trust between the two companies.

MIDS - perfect for digital signage and presentations

At first glance, the Media Stele MIDS is distinguished by its noble and modern design; the glass front and the fine radii of the steel frame are an optical highlight. Monitors of any kind can be installed in the stele so that the customer can decide for himself which brand he would like to prefer. The back wall of the stele is removable and offers convenient access to the technical equipment. MIDS is perfect for digital signage applications or presentations.

MICO-1 - optimal collaboration thanks to individual solutions

The media stele MICO-1 was developed by fröscher together with BMW; thus it adapts perfectly to the high and individual needs of the car manufacturer. Additional tools can be easily integrated at any time if required. MICO-1 is therefore ideally suited for collaboration and communication processes. It can be flexibly integrated into all room systems throughout the company, as it can be used free-standing and is also mobile if required. In a nutshell: MICO-1 is used wherever it is needed.

Reduce complexity, accelerate implementation

fröscher's media steles can not only cover a wide range of applications, but also one that is individually tailored to the customer's wishes. This concept is unique - and has therefore also convinced BMW. With its consulting know-how and an extensive range of furniture, fröscher guarantees an offer from a single source; this reduces the complexity of a project and accelerates its implementation at the same time. At BMW, the Steinheim-based company has again set new efficiency standards from which the automobile manufacturer has benefited noticeably.