fröscher at the Bottwartal Marathon 2019

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On 20 October it was time again for the Bottwartal Marathon, which was well known throughout Germany and took us through the beautifully situated Bottwartal. In large parts of the Bottwartal there was an absolute state of emergency: More than 5000 participants were at the start of the Bottwartal Marathon. Especially the good atmosphere at the course was well received by the runners. A team from the frosty worlds of experience was also represented at this great running event. With a company relay the fröscher team could present itself from its sporty side. With the 17th place the fröscher relay could achieve an excellent result. A running time of 3:53:04 could exceed the expectations by far. We are proud of our marathon aces.
The team of the frosty worlds of experience:
Emanuel de Sousa Slides
Fabian Sackmann
Ali Yagdi
Milena Hennig
Yahia Saleh
Martina Scholly
Filipe de Sousa Slides
Catagay Cesuroglu