fröscher brings seating comfort to the Porsche Museum

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When lightweight construction meets lightweight construction, then fröscher meets Porsche. In an impressive reference film the Steinheimers present their conference chair klif in the midst of classic sports cars in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. What may seem surprising at first glance reveals interesting parallels on closer inspection. 
For in the futuristic building on Porscheplatz two absolute top products and design highlights meet. The multi-purpose chair klif is not only a bestseller from fröscher, but also the most successful in its class. The same applies to Porsche's premium products. Whether chair or sports car - they are all characterised by top quality and functionality. A special sequence in the reference film: Five Porsche 911s with five klif chairs move in synchrony on turntables.

Fast, handy, elegant

Just as the tyres of a Porsche grip in a bend, the gliders on the klif's feet provide the best grip on the ground. Its intelligent row connection makes it the fastest in its class for assembly and dismantling. Klif is a "stacking miracle" that meets all efficiency requirements, as up to 40 chairs can be stacked on top of each other. The choice of four different colours also makes it optically versatile, but its design always remains timeless - another parallel to the design of a 911. This is now also appreciated by the people of Zuffenhausen. In the conference hall of the Porsche Museum, 500 chairs offer a high level of seating comfort for the guests.

A major appearance for the PSE lectern as well

In addition to klif, the reference film also features a second leading actor from fröscher: the freestanding PSE lectern, designed exclusively to Porsche's wishes. Sitting or standing, the speaker finds the optimum desk height between 75 and 125 cm at the touch of a button. A memo function allows three speakers to be preset. This advantage has also proven itself at other Porsche events: the PSE speaker's desk is used, for example, at the annual press conference and the Annual General Meeting.

Premium meets Premium

The cooperation with Porsche was a real highlight for fröscher. Conclusion: Premium chairs and premium lecterns meet premium sports cars in the museum today. And for all those who would like to visit fröscher virtually in the Porsche Museum, there is a reference film available at the following link: fröscher-Porsche