fröscher Hautnah 5

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On 14.6.2022, our fifth entrepreneurial talk fröscher hautnah with Franz Haniel, former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Haniel & Cie GmbH and Thomas Fröscher had taken place in the fröscher Erlebniswelt.

Franz Markus Haniel gave us a wonderfully honest and personal insight into the management of a family holding company with over 600 shareholders, sustainable corporate governance and the project of the first environmentally neutral quarter in the world.

Charming, strategic and determined, he told us about the strategy of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH, always with a consistent focus on "grandchild capability", i.e. along clear sustainability and performance criteria. Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH manages a portfolio of independent companies with the goal of creating value for generations as Europe's leading purpose-driven investor. The companies are managed on the basis of a common leadership model - the Haniel Operating Way (HOW) - and share a performance-oriented culture.

In 2021, the Haniel Group employed 20,700 people and generated revenue of EUR 3.7 billion. The company is 100 per cent family-owned and has been based in Duisburg since its foundation in 1756.

Thank you for this exciting, close and honest insight into Haniel & Cie GmbH!
We wish Franz Markus Haniel continued energy and success in his endeavours. After all, sustainability and grandchildren's ability are fundamental building blocks for our future.