fröscher Sommerfest - Comments from the Videobox

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"Suggestions and products of the agile working world" was one of the topics of the summer party 2019. fröscher presents chair, presentation and table systems on a good 1700 sqm and made them comprehensively experienceable. fröscher shows the full range in the field of the implementation of media technology in furniture systems.

the afternoon was entertaining with the eventful lectures on the topic "lead aktiv" by management consultant Mrs. Anke Heines and others. Mr. Oliver Mack from macom spoke about the "Challenge Future - Digital Transformation". Novelties from the OFML world and the interactive presentation with the "neXboard" of the companies Wegscheider and Legamaster could give the guests an insight into digital presentation possibilities.

The culmination of this event was the visit to the wine and culture days of the Graf Adelmann winery. A wine tasting and culinary delights were offered in the barn of Schaubeck Castle.