fröscher & UNIONZEISS as furnishing partner of OSIsoft Europe GmbH in Frankfurt.

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A strong partnership from customer request to realization. Our specialized trade partner UNIONZEISS, together with fröscher could deliver the new furnishing concept of OSIsoft in December 2019. The room worlds planned and thought out by UNIONZEISS, with the matching products from fröscher, created a communicative conference atmosphere. The media stele program MICO-1 and MICO-2 were selected for the digital conference recordings or video conferences. fröscher media steles of the MICO product family allow a consistent design line for all room types. The MICO media steles are able to make the implementation of media technology as easy as possible. In combination with the video conference table fallon VCT, this conference room furnishing is an exemplary conference room solution. fallon VCT was developed especially for media presentations. The two-part table surface stands on castors and can be pushed apart as required and without great effort. The opening angle of the two table leaves ranges from 15° to a maximum of 148° and thus allows every participant an optimal view of the media steles. This variability not only significantly improves communication between people - whether present in the room or switched on by video - but also has a decisive influence on the course and success of the video conference. The CTZ flip stop table system, which has won several awards, is used in the meeting and training area. The swivel table on castors impresses with its unique mechanism: Table top and fixing are connected with each other. When the table top is folded down, the castors are raised and thus the table is locked in place. Folding up the table top releases the castors again. The locking mechanism can be operated with one hand. Optional legroom panels fold in automatically. The tables can be stacked linearly one inside the other thanks to the trapezoidal table leg extensions.With the stacking miracle klif at its side, the CTZ flip stop swivel table becomes an ideal and flexible room solution. A swivel table with self-locking castors and a stacking chair with a stacking weight of 3.5 kg or more turn a training room into a flexible and rapidly changing work area. We thank OSIsoft Europe GmbH and the company UNIONZEISS for the professional cooperation and the confidence in our products.