"fröscher up close 3." Thorsten Klapproth on "high stands on low"

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As part of the "fröscher hautnah" series - this time under the motto "Hoch steht auf tief" - Fröscher GmbH & Co. KG invited customers and friends of the company for the third time to its exclusive business talk. After the events of previous years with Miele owner Dr. Reinhard Zinkann and management consultant Prof. Dr. Peter May, owner Thomas Fröscher was once again able to present a top-class guest to the 50 invited guests: Thorsten Klapproth, former WMF Chairman & CEO of Hansgrohe SE, was able to give the audience and presenter Christian Dau an "insight" into the world of corporate management using impressive examples. Under the title "Hoch steht auf tief" Thorsten Klapproth conveyed views and examples of corporate and employee management. Key messages such as "Exchange at eye level makes you strong and self-confident" and the involvement of employees in decision-making processes were part of the entertaining event. Thorsten Klapproth wants to express with "high stands on low" that managers without inner roots cannot develop upwards. He also pointed out that managers are less and less needed to make decisions, but are required to "moderate" them. The participation process of the entire workforce is becoming more and more important.
We thank Mr. Thorsten Klapproth and our guests for this unforgettable evening.