fröschers Erlebnisstüble on the wine harvest days 08.-09.02.2020 in Marbach

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This year fröscher has thought of something special and will be part of the vintage days in Marbach.

These will take place on Saturday 08. and Sunday 09.02.2020. The vintage days are a mixture of wine tasting, literature and music. In three 20-minute slots Fröscher will give insights into the change of the almost 100-year-old company. The journey "From the shaving chair to the world of experience" will show how the market and the strategy of fröscher has changed over time and what goals we have set ourselves for the future.

The three slots will take place on Saturday at 15.30 - 15.50 and 18.30 - 18.50 and on Sunday from 16.30 - 16.50. On these days the Schillerstüble becomes the Fröscher Erlebnisstüble. Let us surprise you, we are looking forward to your visit.

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