Happy Easter

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Dear friends, customers and partners,

how are you?

Our world has been turned upside down in the last few months. From normal inertia at the beginning of the year to rising AE and sales figures to corona crisis and short-time work. Yes, fröscher is also affected by the Corona crisis. Our creative spaces are closed, customers cancel and postpone planned projects.

Of course, because fröscher is where people meet. As Martin Buber says so beautifully: "All real life is encounter" and we continue to believe in this. Because it is precisely at this time that we realize how difficult life without encounter is #stayathome . Of course it is possible, but for how long? Where do we draw our energy from now? What is our purpose in life? What do we do against loneliness? How can we still exchange ourselves?...

The most important thing for us is of course health.

We are grateful that all our employees are healthy and that we are not yet directly affected by Corona. We are doing everything we can to keep it that way and have introduced various measures.

At fröscher we have decided to work in shifts and to introduce home office wherever possible. We have discovered Zoom for us and are finding out how digital collaboration can also function as a working model. Of course, our many years of experience in the video conferencing sector will help here.

Right now, our sales force is also receiving many positive signals from the market, because if video conferencing and technology integration in furniture is relevant, then now is the time.

What is the next step? Existential fears, financial hardships, stagnation, reflection, contemplation, rest, return to your inner self, let your wounds heal, ... and then return strengthened? That fits perfectly to Easter! A crisis always offers the chance to go new ways. If not now then when?

Let us find a new orientation and use the change as a source of inspiration.
Let us use this time of reflection together to successfully prepare for the future.
Let us use the new opportunities with great alertness and attentiveness.

Whoever gets out of the starting block quickly now has a lot to gain.
For Easter we wish you above all courage, freedom, health, confidence, calmness and joy!

Stay healthy!

Your fröscher team