How do we want to work in the future?

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On 23.07.2019 a Public Viewing took place in the fröscher-Erlebniswelt under the title "How do we want to work in the future". More than 70 participants were guests at the fröscher-Erlebniswelt during the SWR television broadcast.

In May and June 2019, both management consultant Anke Heines and her clients HEMA and Fessmann AG were accompanied by a film team from SWR/Arte in order to pursue the resulting issues. The result was a documentary worth seeing. The 45-minute documentary is available in the SWR media library! Among other things, recordings were also made in the newly designed Frosty World of Experience, which can also be booked for events. Up to 150 people can experience presentations together or work undisturbed in small groups.

Anke Heines discussed with Dominik Jauch, Managing Director of Spinner Automation, Uli Feesmann, Managing Director of FESSMANN GmbH und Co KG, Simone Fröscher and the visitors in a Fishbowl Discussion the topic "Future of Work" in the fröscher experience world. The result was an entertaining evening with many interesting insights into the future of work. In a following World Café the guests could present their point of view to the topic evening. An insightful and formative evening was made a gift to us, for which we are very grateful. The many possibilities and chances of a changed working world have given us all an exciting look into tomorrow's work. After the public viewing of the documentary, the director Lourdes Picareta was connected by video conference for questions of the visitors.

Many thanks to all visitors and participants for this great evening.

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