klif moves into the s.Oliver Arena in Würzburg

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Also in the s.Oliver Arena in Würzburg visitors can now enjoy seating comfort from fröscher. As the previous chairs were getting on in years, new seating was urgently needed. After an intensive test phase the responsible persons of the arena decided for the object chair klif. With the last delivery, the s.Oliver Arena now has 1,800 chairs that offer the best seating comfort as well as meeting the high requirements in terms of transport and storage flexibility.  

Variable "Lightweight

Of course, the chair not only had to have the necessary test certificates, but also meet the legal requirements of the Venue Ordinance. The arena serves as a multifunctional hall for sports and cultural events, especially on evenings and weekends. At the same time, however, it is also used for teaching a school. Up to three times a day a change of chairs is necessary. As a "lightweight" klif can quickly be used anywhere. Together with representatives of the arena, fröscher has also developed a linking system that is easy to handle. 

Stable "stacking miracle"

A further challenge for the fröscher team was the limited storage space: up to 35 chairs each have to be stacked securely on only half a square meter - no problem for fröscher compared to competing products that require between 38 and 110 percent more space. Another advantage of klif: the weight of only 4.2 kilograms. Chairs and stacking trolleys together, for example, weigh less than 200 kilograms; the competition here is sometimes more than twice as heavy. Thanks to the fröscher stacking system, damage to the soft hall floor can be avoided. The delivery was also carried out gently by fröscher. The specially designed transport trolleys were adapted to the conditions and optimised with suitable rollers. The trolleys also have circumferential edge protection and a specially developed retaining bracket for better handling.

Klif - perfect for small and large halls

In the s.Oliver Arena it is assumed that a total of 9,000 chairs are handled weekly. Thanks to the klif system, 28 tons less weight have to be moved. This not only saves time, but also preserves the health of the employees and the service life of the floor. fröscher offers the right solution for every type of hall. The individual wishes are adapted to the corresponding room conditions. In addition to the s.Oliver Arena, other halls already rely on this fröscher competence.