Meeting room in Gerabronn shines in new splendour

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The beautifully situated Gerabronn on the Hohenloher Plain in Baden-Württemberg enjoys its renovated historic town hall and the newly designed conference hall.

On the open day on 13.01.2019, Mayor Christian Mauch welcomed the citizens of Gerabronn and presented the modernised town hall and the council hall as a new "jewelry box".

The opening was a complete success, in the presence of the responsible architect Mr. Lorenz Kraft from the architectural office Kraft + Kraft Architekten in Schwäbisch Hall, Mr. Mayor Mauch was able to welcome the population, who were unanimously enthusiastic about the successful reconstruction and revival of the "jewelry box". In the town hall is now a successful mix of "old and new". The listed historical building fabric was renovated and technically updated.

The meeting room shines in new splendour. With the mobile conference table system c-base from fröscher, the city of Gerabronn has a flexible table system at its disposal that can be used for a wide variety of conference and meeting situations.

 The challenge was an easily and quickly changeable conference table system with plenty of legroom.

The flexible c-base table leg system from fröscher, the conference and council room expert, which can be dismantled without tools, convinced the client and the architects Kraft + Kraft.

 A chrome-plated table frame in C-shape offers all the advantages of a collision-free meeting atmosphere thanks to its flat frame and user-friendly mounting on the tabletop joint. The table tops are connected to the table leg via a screw-on plate that can be removed without tools. A locking system allows the table units to be efficiently dismantled and implemented in other table scenarios or constellations. The task was to convert the council hall table quickly and easily into small team meetings.

The fröscher mesh screen, which can be dismantled without tools, has more than proven itself as a legroom screen. Light in weight, strong in expression and child's play to attach, this screen is an elegant design variant made of the same material as the backs of the pharao net cantilever chairs.

 The fröscher team was asked for a robust surface with a unique feel and a closed surface.

The choice fell on the fröscher powder process of table tops, which gives the builder a large design freedom of the table tops. The robust surface by thermal hardening encloses the entire work piece seamlessly.

 Curves, free forms and edge designs give the designers a free hand. The result is a tabletop that conveys a unique look and feel.

This surface treatment using the pulsed process enables an individual colour concept, e.g. according to RAL or NCS.

 The city of Gerabronn has chosen the comfort icon pharao net as its competent meeting partner and conference chair. The net-covered backrest in combination with the pleasant seating comfort of pharao net round off the skilful furnishing in Gerabronn.

The colour concept of the legroom panels and the room colours were individually converted to the mesh colour. A pleasant back support due to the comfort height and the 3D knitted net fabric lend the pharao net cantilever chair and the council members in Gerabronn the title "Sitting like a king".

Congratulations to the city of Gerabronn & and the architectural office Kraft + Kraft for the successful design and trust in fröscher GmbH.