Thank You

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Dear business partners and employees,

we hope that you and your relatives are healthy and that you can face the challenges of these difficult times with all your strength.

We would like to thank you with this letter.

Many thanks to our customers for the trust they have placed in our company.
Through these strong business relationships we will master the current challenges.

Many thanks to our partners and suppliers for the trusting and reliable cooperation.
Through these grown business relations we will be able to produce flexibly, reliably and in highest quality also in the future.

My special thanks go to our employees for their support, their extraordinarily cooperative and solidary behaviour as well as their flexible cooperation.
Without this flexibility and strong cooperation we would not have been able to master the past weeks so well. This commitment deserves our highest appreciation. Thanks to our employees, we can continue to support trainees and will remain a reliable and innovative partner for our business partners in the future.


Yours Thomas Fröscher