Lectern PSE
Design: Jünger + Michel

The lectern PSE is a top-class object: the slender silhouette of this freestanding lectern can only be known from fixed installations. "PSE" is freely positionable and safely transportable with our optionally offered flight case.

Sitting or standing, the speaker finds the optimal height of the console by pushing a button. The electromotive height adjustment of 75-125 cm is equipped with a memo function, which allows a presetting for three speakers. Thanks to the height adjustment and slim design, the philip lectern PSE meets the requirements of Universal Design, is barrier-free and thus wheelchair accessible. A tilt adjustment of the desk top is a matter of course.

Equipped with LED lighting, sound and picture interfaces, 230 volt connection, it meets the class requirements. Inside, there is enough room to accommodate the necessary technical installations, which, as the microphones are placed on the user side and find a safe place, the latter in decoupled brackets. The inspection openings allow quick access to the technology or cable management and are covered by cup holders and folder trays, which are located below the desk top.

Optionally, the lectern can be equipped with an LCD monitor at the front, to display information such as speakers, company logo or similar. A likewise optionally integrable tablet serves as a digital template for the presentation, or for a possible teleprompter function.

Formally, the lectern is very restrained. The concentration should focus on the speaker. The cladded aluminum apron supports this quiet perception and the representative claim of a business class.

H 1300 x W 725 x D 630 mm




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