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CDU Economic Council meets in frosty open space

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At the end of May fröscher welcomed the members of the economic council of the CDU e.V. in the exhibition areas.
It was important for the Economic Council of the CDU to have a competent location at its side as an event location at this general meeting with over 80 members from the Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart region.
A professional furnishing, the perfect infrastructure, the suitable room size, a parliamentary seating and table arrangement, digital presentation possibilities, an exemplary sound quality, up to the Swabian catering and suitable parking solutions led the economic council into the premises of fröscher.
The economic council of the CDU registered association is a country widely organized entrepreneurial professional association with at present over 12.000 members, which was created 1963. The economic council represents interests of the entrepreneurial economy opposite politics, administration and public.

We thank the economic council of the CDU e.V. for the confidence in the fröscher GmbH.