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Product: Conference table ctz flip stop
Product: Conference table ctz flip stop

„Freiraum" as a growth engine 

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Under the slogan "Freiraum für Innovation“ (free space for innovation), Fröscher offers its customers its experience in innovative room concepts. With this focus, business premises become workshops for transformative ideas, oases of relaxation and functional environments for goal-oriented meetings.
In the face of tough global competition, only those who invest in bright minds will be able to survive in the long run. Above all, the creation of free spaces that make it possible to develop the innovative power of one's own employees is a decisive factor. While there is increasing talk of platforms for IT applications in the digital sector, this concept has hardly been transferred to the analogue world to date. However, the fact that people today work completely networked and flexible brings with it new requirements for room concepts. The customers of the company Fröscher from Steinheim an der Murr have recognized that rooms are far more than just furnished offices between four walls. Rather, they should be seen as platforms for creativity and innovation, which must also be conceived as such.
Strengthening innovation

As a medium-sized and owner-managed company, it was important for Fröscher to live this new vision agilely in its own premises. As part of an overarching and long-term strategy, the first step was to create a free space for the company's own innovative strength right next to its current showroom. It is now possible for employees to use the newly designed platform with flexible elements from the digital and analogue world in such a way that they can work together as a team in the best possible way. Comfortable seat cushions, movable and modular chair and table components as well as innovative touch screens are now available for the direct synchronisation of one's own contents from the computer, tablet or other terminal devices. Each team can put together a suitable environment for the upcoming project; even different lighting scenarios can be realised. In the coming months, this will be supplemented by a series of further impulses within the company. For companies with a clear innovation approach, the transfer of the platform idea to their own premises will become an important competitive factor - because, as Thomas Fröscher, Managing Director of Fröscher GmbH, is sure: "The best minds only create (added) value if they are offered the right freedom to develop their potential.

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