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fröscher & Werndl + Schmidt-Keilholz as furnishing partner for the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration.

The Ministry in Wiesbaden as a prime example of efficient and formally harmonious furnishing concepts.

In the areas of conference, meeting, training, presentation, hall seating and waiting area, the Ministry called for a flexible and uniform furnishing concept in a tender. Conference and meeting tables that can be dismantled and reassembled without tools, specially powdered table surfaces, table connection panels with interface management to the media technology partners and presentation solutions for digital conference content were the requirements of the clients.

Expressive 3D visualisations in various colour and room utilisation concepts clarified the concept idea and the perception of the customer's ideas and wishes. In combination with a concept for quick and tool-free dismantling and reassembly of the conference and meeting tables, the proposal was convincing.

The wish for a robust surface with a unique feel and a closed surface was a requirement for the table tops. The choice fell on the fröscher powder process of table tops, which allows the client a large design freedom of the table tops. The robust surface by thermal hardening encloses the entire workpiece seamlessly. Curves, free forms and edge designs give the designers a free hand. The result is a tabletop that conveys a unique look and feel.

The meeting and conference rooms were equipped with the xcone and cetera table leg systems, which can be dismantled without tools. Individually adapted meeting tables at standing height, training tables with substructure tubs for training technology and lounge solutions with presentation elements round off the furnishing concept in Wiesbaden. As conference chairs fröscher was able to present alino and the special production lino. As a flexible and easy to assemble multi-purpose chair, the klif stacking wonder proved its worth during the many conversions of the conference rooms into a large meeting place.

The Ministry was also able to rely on the proven presentation furniture from fröscher for the integration of digital meeting content. The media stele MIDS and the media wall MPS support the ministry with video conferences and digital recordings.

We would like to thank the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration and Werndl + Schmidt-Keilholz for their professional cooperation and trust.