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Large sales of samples, designer pieces and discontinued products - "we need space for new goods".


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We are currently undergoing renovation and redesign work in our exhibition and storage areas. Therefore, high-quality exhibition, trade fair, discontinued and sample goods can be sold off at low prices. You can expect quality products from 20 €. Use this unique opportunity. Bargain hunters get their money's worth with us.

A large selection of products and designer pieces awaits you - among other things:


Cantilever chair

Four-legged chairs

Dining Room Chairs

Stacking chairs


Waiting benches

Folding tables


Dining room tables  

Living room tables

Conference tables




large fröscher sale

only on 29.05.2020 and 05.06.2020

from 10.00 - 18.00 h or by arrangement


Industriestrasse 28

71711 Steinheim on the Murr

Phone 07144-204199


We look forward to your visit.