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Cordial invitation to the NEW WORK ECOSYSTEM

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Where: fröscher world of experience - 71711 Steinheim an der Murr - Bahnhofstraße / corner Industriestraße - please enter into the navigation system Steinheim an der Murr -

When: 14.11.2019 - 09:00 am to 12:00 pm

NEW WORK ECOSYSTEM - Experience successful practical examples of digital work processes today!

The nature of work and collaboration processes is changing rapidly. Everyone talks about agile, shared desk, huddle room, to name just a few "buzz words" that stand for the new kind of collaboration - New Work. Space concepts as well as digital solutions must adapt to this trend and at best merge - like in an ecosystem: if one component is missing, the system does not work.

We invite you to the expert workshop on 14.11. Get in and test drive. We will show you successfully implemented practical examples, i.e. what we understand by New Work Ecosystem. It is not only about listening, it is also about interaction. You can expect impulse lectures based on and there is enough time to dive interactively into our concrete solutions. Yes, everything is tangible in the truest sense of the word - try it out!

 Who we are: Workplace and room booking systems, Condeco Software GmbH
Make brands come alive - design collaboration - smartPerform, Fa. Immersion7 GmbH
Interactive presentation and work products / displays, Legamaster GmbH
Room structures in an agile and digital environment, Fröscher GmbH & Co. KG
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We look forward to welcoming you to the world of fröscher experiences!