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klif - a success story / 1100 stacking chairs for the EMS hall in Emsdetten

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fröscher supplies 1100 klif stacking chairs for the EMS hall in Emsdetten. In the EMS hall, besides club and school sports, large public events as well as conferences and events with up to 3000 visitors take place. The city of Emsdetten was looking for a lightweight and space-saving miracle as a new event chair for the EMS hall.

After an intensive test phase, the responsible persons decided in favor of the contract chair klif. The stacking miracle klif was able to perfectly meet the high requirements of the city of Emsdetten in terms of sustainability, weight, comfort, design, transport and storage flexibility. With its low weight of only 3.8 KG, 100% recycled plastics, the stackability of 40 chairs on the stacking trolley with a space requirement of 0.5 m², as well as the small grid width of 51 cm, tipped the scales for klif. For the customer, a modified space and row number concept was realized, as well as a customized stacking trolley idea.

Many thanks to the city of Emsdetten for the confidence in our company.