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Let yourself be inspired by the topic "Economy - Future - Success: Agile self-organisation in practice".

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We cordially invite you to a motivating and enriching lecture on the topic of "Economy - Future - Success: Agile Self-Organisation in Practice" on 03.02.2020, followed by a discussion and exchange of experiences in the fröscher Erlebniswelt. Start is at 17:30 o'clock.  

The strategy consultant Mrs. Anke Heines and Mr. Dominik Jauch, the managing director and owner of SPINNER automation will organise this evening together. The fröscher Erlebniswelt serves as a source of inspiration on this evening.

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Dominik Jauch / SPINNER automation on the planned event: "Already in 2012 SPINNER automation has set out to break down traditional hierarchies and establish self-organisation in the company. We are no different from many other small and medium-sized companies. Business is getting faster and faster moving, more complex and less predictable. On the one hand, this is a great opportunity for us as a family business, because flexibility and speed has always been our strength. But at the same time it is also a great challenge. It is important to find new ways of organizing in this environment and not to overtax yourself. On almost every corner you can now meet management consultants who bang terms like Scrum, Agile, New Work and much more around your ears. Unfortunately, there are still only a few practical examples to learn from. On our individual way to agile self-organisation we have already covered a few kilometres. We learn, we test, check, and then decide together what we want to keep, what we want to change and how we do it. We would like to share the experiences and the background of our path with you this evening. It is a matter close to our hearts that many more family businesses benefit from our experience. We are convinced that there is not ONE right way, but that every company must find HIS right way.

After the practical information from Dominik Jauch, we want to talk with him and Anke Heines about the success factors of agile transformation. Afterwards, an interactive discussion round is planned and there will be the opportunity to exchange own experiences and questions. With a small refreshment the discussions among the participants can be continued with pleasure.

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