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MICO-1 - optimal collaboration

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MICO-1 was developed as an agile team member. Free-standing, mobile if desired, MICO-1 carries the equipment for collaboration and communication to where it is needed, in the middle of the room or in front of the glass wall, according to the wishes of the team members. Displays in sizes from 50" to 75" protrude through the front, providing a secure housing for touch versions. The system compartment (optional) underneath can be used to store whatever is needed, e.g. a UC-Tool, a soundbar or a camera. If something changes, it is simply exchanged.The optionally available shelf for notebooks, in connection with the also optional connection field, laterally in the steel frame, makes the media stele self-sufficient. The steel frame can accommodate retractors on request, so that connectivity in smaller meeting rooms without a connection field in the table is ensured. MICO-1 steles offer full technical comfort with the highest quality standards and perfect design.