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New thinking needs new spaces

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In addition to the latest technology, the working day of the future also requires a working atmosphere that promotes cooperation. Today, agile working methods are an integral part of New Work. Creative freedom and the freedom to develop one's own personality lead to committed employees who contribute to innovation and thus significantly to the success of the company. fröscher is about creating spaces that serve as a source of inspiration. The future of work presents itself as a complex and multi-layered model in which there is no right way. But one thing is certain: job satisfaction is closely linked to the longing for self-determination, social belonging, flexibility and creativity and the sense of work. The inspiring physical space and the mindful relationship space are the basis of a successful and fulfilled working life.

The work-life balance, self-determination and freedom of choice determine whether employees enjoy and work effectively. The NEW-WORK factor therefore plays a decisive role in competition. To invest wisely in the right spatial structures is elementary for the success of a company.

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