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Now also Minden: fröscher equips new conference hall in the district house

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Fröscher is a seasoned expert in the planning and furnishing of council halls, because individually tailored solutions must always be developed for each hall. This combination of experience and competence - from advice to the right piece of furniture - is one of the reasons why those responsible at Kreishaus Minden are now also relying on Steinheimer for the design of the new meeting room. The contract was won through tenders at the end of 2017 and mid-2018, so that 207 pharao net cantilever chairs and 42 c-base meeting tables have now been delivered to North Rhine-Westphalia. 

Comprehensive seating comfort: pharao net

The specifications for the cantilever chair were clearly defined: It should be flexible to use and offer maximum seating comfort. pharao net offers the perfect body support thanks to its swinging back with comfort height. The partially transparent mesh fabric on the backrest ensures optimum air circulation. The frame is covered with an overlong armrest so that no cold is felt when the arms are put on. In addition, there are no screws in the grip area. Skids and armrests are bent from one tube throughout and can therefore be stacked easily. Further features, such as a mountable writing tablet or various armrests made of leather or wood, as well as optional row connectors, which are easy to install without tools, offer maximum flexibility in use.

Flexible use: c-base

The client also made special demands on the table system. c-base fulfils these requirements perfectly, as it has a C-foot table system which can be mounted or dismounted completely without tools using a quick-release fastener. The tables can be set up in various variants, preferably as a plenum according to the meeting arrangement of the district assembly or in rectangular form. The table top is screwed to the mounting plate at the upper end, the outer column is prepared for tool-free mounting of the front table cover. For more flexibility, end and centre feet can be attached to the table top without tools. 

Perfect combination for maximum flexibility

pharao net and c-base meet all the requirements in terms of aesthetics and functionality and also captivate with their optional features. Both contract furniture offer maximum flexibility in use and storage, both individually and in combination. With Minden, another municipality in Germany has now opted for fröscher's know-how in planning and furnishing.