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How do we want to work in the future?

Not only are we convinced that all our working lives are at a turning point, but so is SWR!
In May and June 2019, both management consultant Anke Heines and her clients HEMA and Fessmann AG were accompanied by a film team from SWR/Arte in order to investigate the resulting issues. The result was this documentary worth seeing:
Under the motto "Television - a completely different way", we are organising a public viewing with a supporting programme with lots of interactive content on 23.7. from 19:00 in the new Fröscher Erlebniswelt. Simply register here, contribution towards expenses 10€ for drinks and a small snack.
The 45 minute documentary will be shown on SWR on 23.07. at 21:00!
Many of the photos were taken in the newly designed Froescher Erlebniswelt, which can also be booked for events. Up to 120 people can experience presentations together or work undisturbed in small groups.

How do we want to work in the future?


Die 45 minütige Dokumentation wird am 23.07. um 21:00 im SWR zu sehen sein! Viele der Aufnahmen entstanden in der neu gestalteten fröscher Erlebniswelt, die auch für Veranstaltungen gebucht werden kann. Bis zu 120 Personen können sowohl gemeinsam Präsentationen erleben als auch in Kleingruppen ungestört arbeiten.

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