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"I have never seen a company that has gone so deep into us in the beginning, what is actually our task and our problem."

Thomas Lützelberger, Chief Executive Officer

"Media integration in furniture is definitely in the category architect's pity: it's something that rarely works...I don't think it can be done much better.

Lorenz Kraft, kraft + Kraft Architekten

For us innovation is the fuel for the future.

In other words, without innovation there is no future. But how does something new come about? An inspiring ambiance, paired with serenity and joy, creates the spirit that is beneficial for innovative freedom.

We have raised free space for innovation to be our guiding principle. We want to live and exemplify how changing processes work and what it takes to promote and implement them. Agile working and the digitalization of the world of work support the process. New spaces with a suitable atmosphere, flexibly usable, with tools that reflect and unlimitedly allow our thinking, is our focus.

Simply try out the new technology and rent or book an inspiring office or conference room.


For us, quality means the perfect realization of all customer requirements.

As a manufacturer of mostly customer-specific solutions, the quality process already starts when getting to know the customer. Finding the best solution requires a great deal of understanding and knowledge about the circumstances. The quality of the dialogue determines the result.
We owe our experience to our customers who have given us their trust and whom we were allowed to accompany in many projects. Today's consulting quality is the result of many years of work as a solution provider for complex requirements.

As a family business, we focus on sustainable quality. Taking the utmost care and planning for the long term makes us a reliable partner for demanding tasks.

Together to the goal

Finding the perfect solutions together with you urges us on anew every day.We want to get to know you, understand you and make your tasks ours. In doing so, we bring in our experience which we have accumulated over the years and could develop in many projects and companies.Your desires and goals, your needs and requirements are as individual as the DNA of your company. Together with you we face the challenges and develop your solution concepts in a process that is tailored to your task.

Free space for innovation

Free space for innovation means the unity of design and new digital technologies that allow faster development of ideas across spatial boundaries. The rooms should be flexible, mobile and quickly adaptable. Our solution enables temporary installation as well as installation into existing rooms. In both cases we do not need a connection to the architecture. Everything from a single source reduces complexity and increases speed for our customers. Free space for innovation can be hired and bought. Economic and ecological aspects are the basis of our actions and set the standards in development.

Furniture and technology

In rooms designed for communication, the analogue and the digital world meet in a particularly intense relationship. Complex interfaces are the result.We synchronize these interfaces for you. Here we smoothly integrate into your individual decision-making and procurement processes and concentrate on a sustainable, functional and secure overall solution.We see the circle as a synonym for communication across industries. The networking of the different structures and different departments is one of our specialties.Let's talk about standardization of your integration processes.

New thinking requires new spatial structures  

New-work and new technologies have rapidly changed the challenge of furnishing and implementing media technology in companies!Therefore standards should be created that adapt to the environment and the demands of the users.The expectations of the users regarding furnishing and media equipment are characterized by the following points:- Maximum flexibility- High operational stability- Technical compatibility with all devices to be connected- Long lifetime- Attractiveness in design and price

Media steles

fröscher media steles enable quick and easy positioning of displays and peripheral media technology. With different model families, we have the right solution for every application. No matter which model you choose, you can always rely on the following:- neutral, elegant and slim design- freestanding, in the room or in front of the wall- mobile, optional with chassis(except MPS and double stele)- sensitive hardware is safely stored in the steel frameThe steles are delivered without technology. As a body, they make integration easy and standardizable.

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Brand book – Free Space for Innovation

Our new brand book is laid out for you hot off the press. You can obtain it from here as download or you tell us your postal address and we send it to you as download via mail order.

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At the moment the digitization is the driving force for changes in all fields of work and life. Also we are under structural change from a classic furniture manufacturer to a provider of solutions for innovative rooms. Right now, you will still find on our website a vast number of products and solutions from “our previous” life. But nothing is more sure than change. Catch up!

Solutions for conference rooms

Solutions for conference rooms as seen at Bundesministerium Justiz in Berlin

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Media integration

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Free space for innovation


Exclusivity , flexibility and technology

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xcone im DRIVE. Forum Volkswagen Group Berlin

Free space for technology

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Porsche Museum Zuffenhausen

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Town hall Tübingen